As much fun as a roller coaster ride to the candy store!

Klash the Clown with whom we love to laugh

A touch of Klash

Add a touch of Klash to your next event or party. More than 20 years of shows for festivals, fairs, corporate and private parties. He’s sure to twist up a fun time with balloons, animals, flowers and fun hat creations.

What I Do



You added an exciting and funny touch to our summer reading program our theme is circus!. There were about 120 children in attendance. I noticed you totally captivated each child (and some adults). After talking to some children after the show they all told me they loved the show immensely. I know you had me laughing.

Sincerely,Neisha May, Student Programmer Debbie Hind, Children’s Librarian

Fergus Public Library

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