Assiniboia Arts Council

Any entertainer who can attend a Provincial Showcase & sell himself at a 5 minute Sales Spotlight certainly proves that he has something special to offer. Several Sask. Arts Councils booked Klash the Klown for their “98-99” Series based on just this short glimpse of his high energy performance.Shawn’s/Klash’s people skills are exceptional & his ability to work a crowd are a delight to watch. When parents see their children so enthused & spontaneous they can’t help but join in the fun!
Shawn’s/Klash’s master of crowd control shows at its’ best as he skillfully gets his audience in a frenzy and then tactfully gets the over excited ones to go back to their seats & sit down. Some parents were not only amazed, but even a bit envious, at this feat! Juggling is Klash’s forte, but that doesn’t take away from his magic or unicycle act – although a lot wished he would have done more on the unicycle. Klash’s balloon sculpture “thank yous” given to his assistants were much appreciated & treasured by all who were on the receiving end.
Shawn/Klash thoroughly understands children & their short attention span and is constantly scanning his subject matter. I had the opportunity to sit in on a pre show clown workshop given by Shawn. Both Mrs. Miller, the kindergarten teacher, and I were impressed how he handled the classroom. Not once, did the teacher have to intervene for disciplinary reasons. He did an excellent job showing “How Clowns are People Too.”His presentation came across in a very comfortable & relaxed manner. Klash was very receptive to all the children & accepted them as they are. He was especially sensitive to this classes 2 special needs students. He answered all questions & allowed the class time to try on his size 24 shoes – a highlight for several of them. Presentation certainly sells the whole package!
Klash appeals to all ages – kids & kids at heart. Mrs. Miller said she would be glad to talk to anyone who would like a reference for Klash.
Joanne Weiss, President & Performing Arts Co-ordinator